Daily Stock Watch – Part 2 of Review of Cards that We Saved Ourselves From

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Hello, everyone and welcome to this week's last edition of the Daily Stock Watch! We will return to the regular segment next week after doing special editions for the entire week. For our last special post, I will be talking about the other half of the cards that saw some spikes by the time of writing, but I was wary about it holding its value so I asked you stay away from it.

This card went bananas when Bogles started winning and almost reached $20 when I wrote about it. I am very skeptic when it comes to cards like this that are particularly good in a certain "surprise deck" that isn't bound to last because they are quite easy to check come tournament time. I warned you that its success won't last and as it turns out, this card is down to $13 as of writing. Unless you're using the Voltron deck, you just saved yourself some cash by not buying into this.

Somewhere out there is a casual player who played a Modern tournament and almost milled his way to victory with a Mesmeric Orb and Archive Trap powered deck. It was crazy good in a fun way and it almost willed those cards to some pretty decent financial spikes that didn't last long. This card was out of stock at $12 from various online stores when I wrote about it, and common sense along with some MTG Finance knowledge will tell you that they will restock at a higher price when they decide to do so. Fast track to today and this card is still sitting at $10, so don't feel bad if you didn't panic buy during the hype.

Cards from special sets such as Commander can get expensive from time to time (check out Fiery Confluence) so we could easily be fooled by a certain price spike when it happens. Mizzix's Mastery was a sub $3 card for the longest time and the sudden surge to $12 territory didn't seem fairly justified for me. I told you to get copies for something like $7 because it won't go that high and it isn't really a good spec target. Today, the card is just at $10.20 so you would have saved yourself from going all in on a possibly lousy spec. It's still a good card, but there are better

One of my initial freaky Friday posts was about this Mythic rare from SOM that reached its all-time high of $11 when I wrote about it. Online stores already adjusted to $12.99 and showed us that they are out of stock which somehow started a buying craze for finance junkies out there who are into Commander specs. I didn't really have a high value or liking for this card, so I advised you to stay away from it as it is reprint-prone and clunky as a Commander card at the same time. That paid dividends if you listened, as this card is now at $9.50 and didn't really materialize into something that's broken in an ever-evolving format like Commander.

This multi-creature removal isn't exactly something that didn't pan out amidst is price spike but we'll include it in this list because we got them cheap if we bought in at the time of writing. I was a fan at $5 and rightfully so, this card remains above $6 and is still a viable removable as it sees Modern play and some fringe Commander and Legacy action. You would have saved yourself a couple of bucks if you got them higher before the price stabilized at the $6-$7 range.

Remember when this made some appearance in Modern decks and made a lot of noise prior to the Pro Tour back in May? It looked so promising and absurd back then that it reached $25 and made all non-believers look silly for not keeping copies of the card. I was one of those silly non-believers that didn't even bulge at the face of the price spike, knowing that this card will come crashing back to earth financially once rotation time has arrived despite of its Modern relevance. This card is now $7 on average and moving at $5 in the market, so you must be really happy if you sold out during that spike window and didn't bother getting copies at a cheaper price. It just plummeted all the way down after that stretch and doesn't look like it will recover any time soon.

It is essential that we move around rotating pieces at the right time but it was kinda hard to swallow how lowly Heart of Kiran got by the time I was writing about it. It was seeing some competitive play via BR Midrange and it was going back to $3 (which is still a far cry from its high of $25 at the peak of its Standard prowess) when I asked you to let go of all your copies. This card is barely a dollar now so you definitely saved yourself from more losses by moving them around back then. It's going to be Smuggler's Copter over this whatever happens post-rotation.

And that’s it for this week's special edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you again next week, as we check out a new card that should be on the go, or good enough for speculating. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

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