1. I snapped up 184 copies of Cindervines on MGTO.

    I don’t play Magic at all but as someone who

    is a beginner chartist and trader I saw that

    price of the card held pretty well despite the

    blood bath of the last few months. If the card was

    worthless it be 10 cents or less. I may take a

    bath on this one but I think players realize it has

    some potential to have sustained the price at a

    reasonable level. Will hold on for at least the rest

    of this year to see what becomes of it.

      • Upped my position to just over 250 digital Cindervines. The other traders don’t like hoarders as I’ve found out. Oh well, anyways I’m the one holding the bag if Im wrong about this card. I really see a bull market coming for Ravnica.

        • How did you manage to get so many copies? Was there a bot/dealer willing to let you buy a ton of them at once?

          I, too, get frustrated when the bot chain companies get all moralistic and condemn hoarders. Despite doing business with Cardhoarder all the time, they’ve condemned me as a “hoarder” and have never apologized for it. What are bot chains besides hoarders themselves? As we’ve seen over the past few years, investors are essential to the health of the platform, and these botchains would be wise to remember that.

          • I ordered 24 from MTGO Traders and they allowed the trade to go through despite telling me that only 4 per day can be bought. I did the same with cardhoarder, only I ordered around 32 by ordering 4 at a time in quick succession. Needless to say in the end both Cardhoarder and MTGO Traders banned me. I can’t blame them but this is a very heavy limitation as it skews the secondary market to those market makers and allows them time to adjust to new prices at their pace, which is not really an open and efficient market. The rest of the cards I bought by searching for Cindervines though I had to be careful since I quickly hit their daily sell limits and they are “monkey see/monkey do” and keep tabs on card prices in real time. I had to spread my buys over several days. The biggest traders on MTGO are the biggest hoarders themselves, they just view every customer as a potential rival unfortunately. Now I probably have the largest stock of Cindervines outside of the largest bot chains and just going to sit pretty on them. On a side note, after buying so many of 1 single card, I’ve noticed that many bots with different names are actually part of the same company and so there are really only about 10 bots, in my opinion, that handle over 70% of all transactions. It’s a rigged game in my opinion. Maybe I don’t understand the mechanics and there are many many independent resellers but thats what it looks like to me.

          • Forgot to mention the initial 24 and 28 copies of the Cindervines were purchased directly on the MTGO and Cardhoarder website and the rest within the secondary market in the game itself.

  2. Other developments that have helped card prices:

    •Treasure Chests were changed to include more playpoints

    •Cardhoarder opened their loan program (increases demand for cards and allows players to hedge against TC printing and falling card prices)

    • Wow a loan program? The things that I learn everyday in Magic finance. Thanks for the heads up Timmy.

  3. Can you name some “reputable card chains ”

    (Note: Do not purchase event tickets from the MTGO Store. Purchase them from reputable card chains for about $0.89 instead for a solid 11% discount).

    I am from Turkey and our exchange rate compare to USD is awful. So it would really help me, if i can buy some cheap tickets.

    Plus it was a really nice read men thanks.

    • Hi M.

      Thank you 🙂

      Cardhoarder offers the best price. I’d contact them. You may want to contact Goatbots as well.

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