QS Insider Cast – Theros: Beyond Death, Modern Bannings, and More!

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Welcome back to the QS Cast! Chris O’Berry and Sam Lowe discuss Theros: Beyond Death, recent Modern Bannings, Promo Pack reprints, and the Pioneer road ahead. This cast was originally broadcasted live to Insiders in the QS Insider Discord, January 20th, 2020.

Show Notes

- Legacy is awesome, but not very relevant right now.
- Pioneer is the way forward. Ride the wave.
- What did we get right during spoiler season?
- Modern Bannings - initial impressions and the road ahead
- PTQ Promos: Cryptic Command, Surgical Extraction, Aether Vial
- Promo pack reprints, shocklands galore
- Questions, Pioneer Discussion, and Desperate Ravings
- Welcome to 2020!

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Chroberry – @chroberry
Chris Martin – @ChiStyleGaming
Sam Lowe – @MahouManSam

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Christopher O'Berry

Christopher O’Berry is a Magic player based out of Boise, Idaho. He started playing in 2010 at the age of 18. He enjoys Modern, Legacy, and Draft formats the most, but really is just happy playing a blue deck of any sort. His career highlights include several undefeated finishes at FNM, and a top eight (of nine in attendance) at the saddest TCGplayer States event ever seen.

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