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"The Insider Alerts have helped me keep my store up-to-date.  They let me get ahead of the curve and avoid inventory blowouts.  My favorite part is not having to constantly check a website to get the benefit of my membership.  The Insider Alerts alone have made and/or saved my store the cost of my subscriptions dozens of times in just a few months."

- Geoff Caffo, USA, QS Enterprise Customer

"Picked up 14 copies of Primeval Titan at an average of 11.42 tix. Now priced at 33 tix on PureMTGO.  That's about 260 tix profit. I really appreciate the QS forum as a dedicated place to bounce financial ideas around for feedback and criticism."

- Matthew Lewis, USA

"As an online MTG store owner, especially a store with a staff of one, I find my subscription to Quiet Speculation to be invaluable. On weekends where I have family obligations, or there are multiple top level events happening at once, I simply cannot watch all the coverage I would like to keep up with what's going on. Then BAM, a QS Insider email hits my inbox with tips on the latest tech, and what cards to pick up before they become super hot. This allows me to adjust my prices ahead of other stores and stay competitive. And I can tell that I'm not the only one getting these hot tips, as I've had many of these cards sell even as I'm adjusting my pricing! The Insider subscription is well worth my investment!"

-Don Wiggins, Don's Magic and Sundry, QS Enterprise Customer

"As a professional seller, even the small tips from QS pay my subscription fees ten times over, but it is the big tips that put a roof over my head.  Thanks for maintaining a great website!"

- Daniel Lowenstein, NL, QS Enterprise Customer

"No Magic site can compare to QuietSpeculation when it comes to getting you financial information when you need it, rather than a day too late. Pays for itself many times over and provides a plethora of other articles to keep you entertained."

- Andrew Stephens, UK

"Wow. First let me say that I am more than impressed with not only your response time to [the issue] but also the lengths you went to make it right. You have definitely kept me as a customer with your fix for the problem."

- Andrew Dirks, USA

"I have always been a casual magic player, but after coming back from yet another break, I decided to dedicate my spare time with becoming a competitive player. After doing some research, I came across via an article, and quickly realized that the type of information provided by this site is exactly what I would need if I want to attempt to make a profit from my hobby. I had an issue with the registration, and the customer service contacted me within hours. Instead of an e-mail asking questions, I was informed that the issue had already been taken care of, and was compensated for the trouble. The representative has also kept in touch, which makes me feel like I matter to the company. The free content is pretty insightful, but the paid service offers some really good advice for those who have always wondered how that guy has so many tickets, or how that guy has so many money rares in his binder. I would highly recommend this website for anyone who is interested in turning a profit through Magic."
- Alex Alkula

"Quiet Speculation Insider is a must-have for any Magic player who is serious about making their hobby work for them. Not only do you get your value back in spades by staying on top of the hottest cards to pick up and turn around profit on, but you also stay on the cutting edge of upcoming price drops and downward trends to save you money at the dealer table, trade table, and/or online shop. That equals savings in your pocket, and added value on your buy/sells.

"Whether you are a business looking to stay on top and protect your assets and turn a profit, or a casual player trying to get the most value out of your limited dollars, Quiet Speculation Insider is a must have! My business couldn't survive without it."

- Allen Campbell, Stormin' Lion Games

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