Kellen Huber

Kellen Huber aka CavemanKellen, is a semi-competitive magic player with ten years of playing magic. He started to play magic during classic (sixth edition) as a casual player. Kellen started to become increasingly competitive a few years ago after going to regional and state tournaments and soon started attending PTQ's and Grand Prixs. He attends as many tournaments as possible, and regularly play at local FNM's, Game Days, Pre-Releases etc. in Orlando, Florida which is home to many great magic players. Kellen has been a heavy aggro player since the release of Guildpact when his preferred archetype was mono-red sligh. Though he now plays an assortment of decks archetypes, aggro is still his favorite. Kellen continues to actively attend GPs and 5ks and is a pro tour hopeful.

Hello everyone! First off, I’d like to apologize for lack of new articles since school and job hunting has been taking over my life. So, where the heck are we in the standard environment? After the banning of two of the most dominant cards in Standard, Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor, almost every […]

We get back to the Hunt with a all new GR aggro list developed by Kellen’s new mtg team. Fast kills are the name of the game in this deck feature.

Gotta love the bad guys, this week Kellen goes into the ichor oiled waters and tries an assortment of standard deck lists involving infect. Who says your opponent’s at 20?

Hey everyone, and welcome back to On the Hunt. This week I will be taking a look into the Extended format since we have the new Pro Tour: Philadelphia season ahead of us, as well as Grand Prix: Atlanta, Kobe, and San Diego. It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken a peak at Extended, […]

I am an Aggro player at heart. Since this is my first article, I thought I’d start things off with an Aggro deck that seems like it can float under the radar with your current meta. It’s a Green and Red Aggro deck… I was working on a similar list, but since that was put on the shelf for now, I will work within what I call a “development list phase.”

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