Matt Sedlak

Last week I ended by talking about some things to look for when comparing prices across different sites. By keeping an eye out for prices that generally remain the same across sites and others that vary significantly you can set up trades that will net you some value even if they appear even according to […]

This last week there were two rather interesting articles brought to my attention. The first by Peter Jahn here and the second, a response by our own Kelly Reid. Both articles raise interesting points and the discussion of Jahn’s article was a good read as well. So why is it ok for me to knowingly […]

Today I want to take a brief hiatus from writing about internet trading to discuss my States trading experience and give some ideas on rebuilding a binder after it has been cleaned out by a dealer. Connecticut States was a pretty good size, with a little over 150 people, so I figured there was going […]

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