Born of the Gods

Magic The Gathering Born of the Gods Kiora, The Crashing Wave
Kiora, the Crashing Wave

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Preparing for your first Prerelease [Free]


Black Card, Bulls and White Devotion in BOTG by Ryan Overturf  [Free]

 Ryan weighs in on what it would take to make Hurloon Minotaur playable, why Black is looking like Born of the Gods' big winner, and how Ephara may form the basis of a competitive Devotion deck.  He's got a spicy supporting cast lined up to support the new UW God.

Ragemonger - Born of the Gods - Magic: the Gathering

Strange Times and Spoilers by Danny Brown [Free

For Danny, this scenario keeps repeating itself: he sees the appeal in a Modern card, maybe reads some discussion regarding it on the QS forums or on Twitter, and comes to the conclusion that it’s a good spec. He thinks to himself, “I’m going to pick up some extra copies of this at my next FNM,” but then by the time Friday rolls around, the card has doubled  in price.  It's a weird time to be a Magic trader.

Temple of Enlightenment - Born of the Gods - Magic: the Gathering

Born of the Gods by    [Insider]

Matthew Lewis considers how Brimaz, Mogis and Xenagos may impact the metagame and market.  What Legacy deck does Matt think will benefit from the new set's release?    Which card does he think will be an auto-include in many Standard decks until it leaves the format?

 - Born of the Gods - Magic: the Gathering

Spoiler Season Discussion Forum [Insider]

Although we're considered a "finance" site, the Quiet Speculation Insider Forums are one of Magic's top all-around communities.  This is where our readers interact with our contributors, store owners give tips to new players and traders debate the pros and cons of each trade.   They're accessible to any Insider with an active subscription.

Ephara, God of the Polis - Born of the Gods - Magic: the Gathering

Don't get burned by Spoiler Season hype [Insider]

A forum topic initially started by Insider Author Matthew Lewis.  A treasure trove of discussion, containing many nuggets of wisdom, such as  "I see a lot of hype in the Spoiler Season forum for cards that, frankly, don't impress me that much. For those who are new to speculating, I'd suggest to take a breath and not get too wrapped up in what people are saying. Opinions are cheap.  Experience comes dearly."

Temple of Malice - Born of the Gods - Magic: the Gathering


 Release Dates and Set Info


Release Date February 7, 2014
Prerelease Events February 1-2, 2014
Magic Online Release February 17, 2014
Game Day March 1-2, 2014
Official Three-Letter Code BNG
Twitter Hashtag #MTGBNG
Number of Cards 165

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Born of the Gods Spoiler

 Most Valuable Cards

Brimaz, King of Oreskos - Born of the Gods Spoiler - MTGKiora, the Crashing Wave - Born of the Gods Spoiler - MTG - Born of the Gods Spoiler - MTGKarametra, God of Harvests  - Born of the Gods Spoiler - MTGPhenax, God of Deception  - Born of the Gods Spoiler - MTGMogis, God of Slaughter - Born of the Gods Spoiler - MTG

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Born of the Gods Release Date FEBRUARY 7 2014


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