Hello, Nexites. No doubt you have noticed the repeated downtime issues we’ve been experiencing over the last few months. I’m happy to report that we’ve just finished switching to a new server, which should mean the end of them. As it turns out, we were breaching the terms of service of our old server with […]

Happy Tuesday, Modern Nexus community! Some of you may have noticed a new page that has appeared at the top of our Modern Nexus menu. I’ve gotten plenty of emails, comments, and messages from users about how they can contribute to Modern Nexus without being a Staff Writer. “Can I submit a tournament report?” “Would you host […]

Hello again to all you Nexus readers and Modern players! In our announcement last week, I talked about some changes to the site and our short and long-term goals moving ahead. A big part of this is continuing to provide you quality Modern content, which means bringing on writers to ensure regular articles and diverse viewpoints. […]

Hello Nexus readers and Modern community! As many of you have probably noticed, it’s later in the day and no article has been published yet. We recently underwent some staff transitions and today was the day to get things switched over and make sure the transition went smoothly. As Sean announced yesterday on Facebook and […]

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