In “Stitched Together: Early Successes from Horizons,” we looked at some of the breakout cards in Magic’s newest expansion. The month has now ended, and it’s left plenty of new developments in its wake. Today, we’ll look at the veritable explosion of tribal aggro strategies in Modern as well as a few novel takes on […]

Halfway through last month, I published “Brew Report: Perfect Pairs,” picking out happy couples from among Wizards’ decklist dumps. As is common in Modern, more innovative decks were published in February’s latter half, including ones built around Standard-legal enchantments, age-old Modern artifacts, and even a few known staples. Today we’ll unearth and assess that tech. […]

Novel Modern decks have historically surfaced by tapping into a previously undiscovered combo cardÔÇöexamples include Second Sunrise, Krark-Clan Ironworks, and Amulet of Vigor.┬áBut lately, format newcomers are firmly rooted in the combat camp. It seems Modern is beginning to revolve around streamlined aggro decks; consider tribal strategies such as Humans and Spirits, engine abusers like […]

I wasn’t kidding last week when I revealed needing to halve my tech article. Modern’s been a brewer’s paradise ever since the Jace and Bloodbraid unbans, and the last couple weeks of 5-0s have proven especially fruitful. This past week adds another smattering of interesting candidates to the fray. A Whole New Jund(s) First, let’s […]

SCG Charlotte is in the books. Grixis Shadow and Eldrazi Tron were the tournament’s clear winners, both in terms of representation and apparent power. But while everyone was distracted by that onslaught of under-costed threats, a smaller tournament was underway. Despite being won by Grixis Shadow, the Charlotte Classic yielded a few especially sweet brews, […]

Spoiler season is brewing season, and this one has me deliriously joyful.┬áLast week, some enticing cards from Shadows over Innistrad inspired┬áme to revisit and introduce an old brew of mine: Wx Tallowisp. I also alluded to another of my longstanding projects, a UGx Rogue tribal deck. Exactly zero commenters inquired about that pile, but I’ve […]

We’re revisiting our weekly article structure throughout December, so we’re bringing back the “Deck of the Week” spotlight we ran earlier in the summer and fall. This will hopefully give brewers some new sources for inspiration, veterans some neat tech (or a couple of laughs), and Modern players format-wide a chance to see original decks. […]

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