Dark Confidant

Well, I’ve dutifully done my snooping, and am proud to present some of Modern’s new directions in a Snow-less world! Chomping at the bit for more? Ready the sails… if you dare! Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang “One, two, three and to the four / Boggart Harbinger and Conspicuous Snoop is at the door.” In […]

“Comp-letely Nuts,” or the apparent consensus surrounding Ikoria’s flagship mechanic. Two weeks back, we looked at the interesting new decks popping up using companion, because why wouldn’t they? Today, we’ll explore the rest of May’s entrants in a final goodbye to companion in Modern as we know it. Mo’ Mana, Mo’ Problems You of anyone […]

Stuck at home? No better time to play Magic Online! At least, that’s what a lot of great minds are thinking alike. Today, we’ll see what can come of such a think tank! Midrange, in Black Black, you say? Why, that’s the defining color of midrange! And for much of Modern’s history, you may have […]

Hogaak and Looting are banned, and Stoneforge Mystic is free at last from the Modern banned list. What do these changes promise for our beloved format? And what does equipment searching have to do with fast food chains? Let’s find out! Elephant in the Room Before even thinking about the void left by Hogaak, or […]

Another eventful week of War of the Spark spoilers is in the books, and with it, another batch of wrapped-up brewing projects. As always, I’ve got some insights to share on that front today; this time dealing not with planeswalkers, but utility creatures. Dreadhorde Arcanist, for all its Snapcaster/Confidant imitations, struck me as a potential […]

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