Devouring Light

Ultimate Masters is still in full bounce back mode, and the last World Magic Cup has come to a finish. Plus, some sweet Ravnica Allegiance spoilers have hit the market so there’s gonna be a nice mix of things to talk about again in this piece. Owing to the spoilers, this might be a little […]

Peter Steinaa’s PTKTK Jeskai Tokens Creatures (19)4 Goblin Rabblemaster4 Raise the Alarm4 Hordeling Outburst4 Triplicate Spirits3 Nyx-Fleece RamSpells (18)4 Jeskai Ascendancy2 Dictate of Heliod1 Spear of Heliod4 Jeskai Charm4 Stoke the Flames3 Lightning StrikeLands (24)4 Temple of Triumph2 Temple of Epiphany3 Mystic Monastery4 Battlefield Forge4 Shivan Reef2 Flooded Strang1 Mana Confluence2 Plains1 Island1 MountainSideboard (15)3 […]

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