Enduring Ideal

Somewhere between answering comments to Monday’s article, talking Magic with my pals, and battling waves of forum doomsayers, I realized I’d yet again been lured into the ban discussion trap. Didn’t I just promise, and then re-promise, to stay clear of banlist mayhem? Darn you, Wizards and your colorless hordes! Even beyond the warped Pro […]

We finish up a tour of the plane of Kamigawa this week with Saviors. The set’s mechanics focused on “wisdom,” as measured by the amount of cards in your hand versus another player’s hand. In theory, this sounds pretty cool; however, in practice, it meant that a player had to keep in mind both hand sizes at all times. The mechanic was unfortunate in that it rewarded players for holding onto their creatures and spells instead of playing them out. What could have been an interesting source of in-game tension wasn’t developed well enough to make it worthwhile to play with the wisdom cards. Although it was a small, poorly-received third set, Saviors has a good selection of money cards for traders to profit from.

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