All good stories must come to an end. Hopefully, they’ll be paced better than Game of Thrones’s was. The Throne of Eldraine prerelease is this weekend and the spoiler is finished, so it’s time to wrap up my set review. There haven’t been many interesting individual cards spoiled since my last article, but a number of […]

This has been an utterly insane summer for Magic. Three set releases in close proximity, followed by Hogaak, and then a major banlist update. Modern players are struggling to remember what it means to have a metagame, much less investigate one. We’ve barely had time to catch our breath for the past four months, and […]

Every few weeks after a Modern Nexus metagame update, I start to get a little restless. I spend nights prowling sites like mtgtop8 trying to form my own metagame picture. Even if local metagames are slow to change, and those are the ones I play in the most thanks to their ubiquity, I always like […]

The month of April has brought about a bevy of changes to the Modern format. Between the banishing of the Eldrazi back to from whence they came, to two notable unbannings, to the announcement that the Modern Pro Tour is no more, there has been plenty to discuss and ruminate over. While some big questions […]

What’s up guys! Welcome back to my Modern Nexus Video Series, where we take a deck in the format and run it through some matches on Magic Online. This week we have Anthony Huynh’s 13th place GP Pittsburgh U/B Faeries list! U/B Faeries has been popping up randomly ever since Bitterblossom was unbanned last February (read up on […]

I once lamented the long waiting periods between metagame shifts. Innovation takes time, I thought. Eye-catching technology doesn’t ceaselessly flow from premier events. Except, it seems, in Modern. UBx Faeries has always seen some amount of play among the tribe’s dedicated fanbase, but nothing could have prepared the Modern community for Anthony Huynh’s shocking 13th-place finish at GP Pittsburgh. Faeries has historically sucked in Modern, but Huynh […]

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