Fall Set Preview: The Royal Courts of Eldraine

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You thought previews were over - Magic players!? Just when we thought the whirlwind of news, previews, and hype were over - here we go again. By the way: we still have Commander 2019 just around the corner as well.

Maro let us know that we would have a look at the newest addition to Magic sets at SDCC. The wait is over - enter "Throne of Eldraine"!

From the imagery and naming, we don't know all that much. But, what we do know is what appears to be the return of a fan favorite, and iconic tribe of past formats: Faeries! The Fae have garnered plenty of adulation and has produced some of Magic's most powerful cards. Such as Bitterblossom, Vendilion Clique, and Spellstutter Sprite. It's fantastic to see Magic: The Gathering return to a familiar fantasy landscape. While the bustling cities of Ravnica and a trip back to Dominaria were all well and good; there's nothing quite like being enveloped in some of the brief fantasy Eldraine images we've already been shown.

Thanks to the various sources over Facebook, Reddit and ScreenRant - we've seen some additional promotional images. Assuming we're going to learn even more before the weekend is over - and I for one am ecstatic to know more. While Maro confirmed that this plane is not Lorwyn, it would be fantastic to see some similar art direction. From a quick glance, there's a genuine chance that's what we're going to see unfold!

Gathering some past information and tidbits on what could be this set, Mark Rosewater has explained in previous works - that the plane is new, and that Garruk could play a major role in this new set and plane.

We're also aware of what appears to be the set symbol:


It would be remiss on this particular outlet not to talk about how this could immediately impact the Magic marketplace. Spoiler; it already has. While some players genuinely have negative emotions (and rightfully so, I may add) about card pricing increasing rapidly due to the nature of an announcement like this - I would like to remind folks that there are record numbers of Magic players out there.

They're just as excited as you are, and buying cards preemptively among many other types of players. While there are some who are genuinely only buying for non-personal use, it's likely that there are many more buying in the hopes that new powerful interactions will surface with some of the existing cards throughout Magic's timeline. The one good thought to keep in mind, that many of these cards that are bought-out/sold-out from the hype of a new set- only a fraction of the card(s) truly become better.

I'll leave you with this: here's a shortlist of cards that have been discussed to potentially see renewed interest, albeit it may only be temporary. Again; we haven't seen anything but a promotional art and name at the time of this article being published.

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