fixing modern

I really enjoy Modern as a format. This wasn’t always true, though I think that the format is moving in an increasingly positive direction over time. What I don’t care for is the fact that I can’t express my interest in Modern without somebody feeling the need to remind me why they think it’s a bad […]

Between the Platinum fee changes, the ensuing #PayThePros fallout, and Wizards’ subsequent retraction, it’s no wonder most Magic and Modern players have lost sight of Aaron Forsythe’s seminal article, “Where Modern Goes from Here,” released that same week. Talk about getting overshadowed. I can only imagine how the poor documentarians behind Enter the Battlefield felt […]

It’s been weeks since our last “Fixing Modern” column, and that has everything to do with format-wide excitement surrounding the April 4 banlist update. I intentionally tabled the column to see how the new Modern shaped out. Early results show promise, and although we’re still a month away from Grand Prix Los Angeles on May 20, I remain cautiously optimistic […]

Welcome to our second “Fixing Modern” column, where we define Modern’s most ingrained challenges and offer actionable solutions. Our goal is to give a voice to the many Moderners who have already identified our format’s longstanding difficulties, but currently lack the words or platform to express them. If nothing else, I hope “Fixing Modern” can […]

About three weeks ago, I was talking Modern with a Magic-playing friend of mine. He and I were debating flex slots in UG Infect and whether it would be better to take Eldrazi or anti-Eldrazi to Grand Prix Detroit. One of those questions is an interesting conversation for specialists like Tom Ross. The other is […]

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