Thanks to the internet, many finance realms are now 24/7, and the Magic finance realm is no different; though there aren’t as many players in this particular realm. You may be wondering why I bring this up. The reason is that it’s easy to miss important price changes and the reasons behind them. Every morning […]

Sometimes it’s necessary to revisit older topics. Whether it’s previously unavailable data coming in, or assumptions and beliefs evolving, it’s good to revisit previous statements and articles to see if they’re still valid. Today I will first finish off my Regionals update, then I need to revisit some Ixalan cards both because I missed them and […]

The past month has been odd for me. I have been advocating UW Merfolk forever, but almost every other Fish player is mono-blue. It made sense. Perfect, painless mana all the time is really appealing. Then Ixalan happened and everyone is experimenting with other colors. I’m not complaining but it feels weird. The fact that they’re still not […]

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