1. Nice article Edward! I just got back to Texas to visit so I haven’t been paying attention the past few days.

    Karn is a tough one. It was the only expensive card in Dominaria I didn’t spec on (as an MTGO player). I’m uncertain whether it will sustain its Standard demand after Kaladesh block rotates. I think there may be a window to get it cheaper from September through December. In paper that’ll be less true.

    Foil promo Opts are where I’d be if I were wanting to invest in paper. It’s a Standard-Modern playable cantrip and looks sexy in foil. That’s a win-win and seems like a smart pickup!

    I noticed you were talking about Pauper a lot. Is that still growing in paper? I know it was being hyped over Christmas last year, and I hope that it is growing since it’s a very unique and interesting format.

    • Thanks, Kyle! I’m in Houston; where are you visiting in Texas?

      Yeah, there might be a window to get Karn cheaper in December this year. But I doubt it’ll be much cheaper than now since it’s played in Modern and Legacy. If you want to play with it, I would probably get it now. Otherwise you can probably wait till December. There will probably be a smallish spike from October through November.

      I just got a playset of promo Opts in the mail and will highlight them in the next article’s Recent Buys section. I hesitated and ended up paying $2 extra on the set. =/

      Pauper seems somewhat popular online but not quite sure in paper. When I look at Pauper, I still look at cards from the ‘regular’ competitive tournament demand/playability. I will feature another Pauper card as an example in the next article’s Hold ‘Em section.

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