Nirkana Revenant

Mirrodin Besieged promises to expand the viability of the infect mechanic in Commander. This week, David explores some of the implications of infect in the format as well as some of the ways players can get the most out of their poison counters.

In this week’s article, I am going to take a page from my favorite sportswriter, ESPN’s Bill Simmons. Near the beginning and middle of each major sports season, Bill always writes an article “power ranking” each team from worst to best. This acts as a handy way to get a feel for the relative power […]

by Kelly Reid Black got some of the best rares in the set, in addition to a bombastic mythic in Grave Titan.  A few reprints headline the color’s rare section, and there are a few very powerful new cards available to the Dark Side as well. Kelly ReidFounder & Product ManagerMore Posts – Website

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