Rorix Bladewing

Today’s article subject spawned from a discussion that began in the QS Discord chat. One of our members was contemplating stepping away from the game for a while and wanted to know the best place to park his money and/or what to trade into. As expected, a lot of people immediately jumped to Power. The general […]

The holidays are in full swing and the new year is right around the corner. And as some of you may know, the stock market has been a bit shaky in the last month or so. But it seems Magic is still doing pretty well during this slightly volatile time. I think a good portion […]

Ultimate Masters is still in full bounce back mode, and the last World Magic Cup has come to a finish. Plus, some sweet Ravnica Allegiance spoilers have hit the market so there’s gonna be a nice mix of things to talk about again in this piece. Owing to the spoilers, this might be a little […]

Many people have been saying there’s been a little less movement regarding Magic finance during the past few weeks or months. Some people are saying there’s a slowdown. Others are saying it’s normal because the holidays are around the corner and players have less money to spend on Magic cards. Regardless, Magic continues to move […]

Come see all our Fate Reforged spoiler coverage Crux of Fate I have a blessedly short memory sometimes, especially when it comes to spoilers I saw over a month ago and haven’t really thought about since. Remember Valorous Stance from yesterday?  This is a card. It’s a pretty good card at that. It inspired a […]

What do you do if you first-pick a tundra? Do what Magic judge turned meme Jeph Foster did. Take goblins all day and live the dream. Not only did Jeph already win by opening a Mana Drain and a Tundra in his Vintage Masters draft, he got passed gobbos. Lots of gobbos. Is it as […]

Scourge, the last set in the Onslaught block, is known more for its spells than its creatures. While Scourge did push the limits on what monsters can do, it is notorious for unleashing the Storm mechanic on Magic, changing every set that it touched. Scourge also had a heavy Dragons theme, with cards like Day […]

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