SCG Cincinnati

What a crazy week for Modern. This week I’ll be exploring Collins Mullen’s 5-Color Humans deck which he took on an undefeated run to a trophy at the most recent SCG Open in Cincinnati. Tons of great content has already been written about this feat, including Trevor Holmes’s article just recently posted, so I will […]

Humans is a thing, yo. I wish that period was a full stop. Pack it up, work here is done, go home and kiss the kids. Not because I don’t want to write the article or anything. Simply because those five words encapsulate the range of emotions I’m feeling as I look over the SCG […]

Another week, another Star City Open, another round of data collection. As a general observation, the metagame diversity on display is remarkable. As the data will show, there are numerous viable archetypes and considerable diversity within those archetypes. However, clear front-runners are emerging. Should these continue through Regionals I think the metagame tiering will emerge. […]

Another week, another giant leap forward. This past weekend Modern was showcased at the SCG Open Series in Cincinnati. This is very timely since this weekend is an even bigger Modern event in Grand Prix Oklahoma City. You would think that players looking for an edge would be pouring over the results looking for new tech […]

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