SCG Invitationals

Today, I figured weā€™d take a break from brewing and get back to analyzing some pure tournament results. Iā€™m still winning with Spell Queller, but high-level Modern events donā€™t come around often enough to ignore them completely. This past weekend, Modern got a lot of love in the form of the split-format Star City Games […]

Score one for the budget guys: Elves won the Star City Games Invitational in Somerset, NJ. WhileĀ Liam Lonergan’s deckĀ still retails for about $800, almost half of the priceĀ is in 4 Cavern of Souls and 3 Horizon Canopy. If you’re tight on cash (or waiting for a reprint, like me) you can get away with some […]

If you tuned into theĀ Star City Games Invitational in New JerseyĀ this weekend, you had the pleasure of seeing somewhat fringe contender Elves take down the Top 8. Elves is certainly not an unknown quantity, but it also doesn’t exactly make the list of decks Moderners expect to face at every tournament. Going into this weekend […]

When I predicted Scapeshift would hit the Top 8 of Grand Prix Pittsburgh, I expected a traditional Temur shell built around the namesakeĀ finisher. Thien Nguyen skipped the countermagic and went right for the kill. Piloting an explosive, linear, and focused Scapeshift list, Nguyen blastedĀ his way to a 7th place finish at the Grand Prix. Was […]

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