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The world’s on fire, or so it can seem—depending on your news outlet, salvation may well be around the corner. In any case, there’s one world that’s blooming and flourishing, and that’s the world of Magic: Online Modern invention! Today, we’ll check out four of the coolest decks I’ve seen surface in December thus far, […]

A trend I’m seeing in the published results from July is a marked uptick in spell-based aggro-control strategies. Most of those are of the UR Prowess variety, but plenty of Delver of Secrets decks are making the rounds, too. We’ll cover those more academically next week. Today, I’d like to unveil the build I’m currently […]

M21 spoilers have wrapped up, and as David predicted, most of the Modern goodies were revealed early on. But there is one particular card that caught my eye from the outset, and that I’ve been working on implementing into Delver shells ever since. Stormwing Entity, at best, is a flying Tarmogoyf that resists Fatal Push. […]

A scratching at the window. A fluttering of tiny wings. A grating of jagged teeth. Does anyone else hear what I hear? Perhaps 2020 is Delver’s year! Okay, so maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit. But there sure is a lot of Delver in the recent dumps. Today, we’ll look at the different varieties […]

One of the more exciting War of the Spark cards for me was Domri, Anarch of Bolas. The card didn’t appear especially powerful, but it did pique my interest as a potential role-player in a couple of my favorite decks: GR Moon and Temur Delver. As the static-ability walkers spoiled, I identified in them one […]

There’s a new Delver in town, and this one doesn’t need delirium or a white splash to put the hurting on opponents as of turn one. All it requires is a single, generic mana and an appetite for attacking. Meet Bomat Courier, my latest addition to Temur Delver. Noah Walker’s breakout Legacy performance with post-ban Grixis […]

Modern experienced a relative lull in new blood a little after Dominaria’s release. But the format appears to be bouncing back, as the last couple weeks have yielded some great decklists. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more intriguing candidates. Culling the 5-0s Brews often pop up in the 5-0 […]

Last weekend’s unbans were met with mixed reactions from the Magic community. I found myself a little conflicted, as well; I generally like shake-ups and “fresh meat,” but the back-to-back Pro Tour and GP weekends, which featured incredibly diverse metagames, had just proven Modern to be a format smack in the middle of its golden […]

When Opt was spoiled for Modern, I wrote a piece about how I didn’t think the card would see much play. That didn’t stop me from putting together a bunch of decks with the card. During those experiments, I took a literal “walk” on the wild side, following a tangent deep down the rabbit hole […]

I like winning as much as the next guy. Maybe even more. That’s why, since even before the Gitaxian Probe ban, I’ve brought Colorless Eldrazi Stompy to three local tournaments a week. In doing so, I’ve racked up more store credit than I know what to do with, and gained a reputation around Boston as […]

It’s a crazy time to be a disruption-plus-clock player in Modern. The options seem limitless, even if they also seem to point back at Death’s Shadow. Messing around with Shadow in a Temur Delver deck for the last couple weeks has made me a slobbery wet one, nostalgic for the glory days of 4/4 tramplers and […]

Goyf, Smasher, you name it—efficient beaters are really my thing. It shouldn’t surprise that I’ve put in a lot of reps with Death’s Shadow Jund, and the deck’s namesake Avatar definitely rules. Since even before the Probe ban, I’ve wondered about Shadow’s potential in fair blue shells, and my thoughts always come back to Delver. A threat […]

When Wizards banned Gitaxian Probe on Monday, many players reached out to me to express their condolences and ask where Temur Delver goes from here. Probe was an integral part of my Monkey Grow deck, and starting games by paying 2 life for the sorcery was some of the most fun I ever had playing Magic. I will […]

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