Determining a deck’s tiering is a fairly simple process: take the decks that place in tournaments, compile them in a spreadsheet, rank them by population, done. This is a fine system, and is the only remotely objective way to determine the tier list. However, it doesn’t tell the full story because it can’t explain what […]

So. Much. Modern. I can barely update the Top Decks spreadsheet fast enough to keep pace! Since May 1st, we’ve had two Star City Games Opens, over 55 events from the SCG States and Provincial Championships, another batch of 50+ events from TCGplayer’s State circuit, and dozens of online and paper tournaments in between. The […]

I’m deeply ambivalent about Modern these days. We’re seeing both one of the most open fields in the format’s history (Hulk Combo got T16 at an Open!), but also one of its most linear (Hulk Combo got T16 at an Open…). Whether at SCG States, the big events, or the smaller regional venues, aggressive decks […]

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