Vampire Nocturnus

Note: I write set reviews from a tournament player’s perspective, not a financial perspective. As such, I try to approach new set releases with a “wide net” of all the cards which might be relevant to tournament Magic, even if it’s just a sideboard 1-of that will never be worth much. This will necessarily include […]

Welcome to the Present-Present League! In this new semimonthly article series I’ll explore new decks and new twists on known decks for the current Standard environment. The column title, “Present-Present League” is a nod to Wizards of the Coast R&D’s Future-Future League in which I participated quite avidly for a couple of years. This week […]

It’s that time again for another update to the Demand Matrix. What is the Demand Matrix you ask? Simply put it’s a way to mathematically define the relative popularity of the cards we know and love. I have however written a primer for reference purposes so if you’d like to know more, cast your doe […]

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