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I originally planned for this article to be about planning for a tournament in an open metagame. The results from theĀ Kobe and CopenhagenĀ GPs and from the SCG Baltimore Classic indicated that the metagame was very open and unpredictable. Results from MTGO confirmed this, although Death’s Shadow decks, particularly the Grixis version, were clearly at the […]

I’m trying very hard not to say, “I told you so.”Ā Grixis Deathā€™s Shadow, days after I touted it as the best deck to play heading into the competitive weekend, took down the SCG Open in Baltimore that I hoped on attending, crushed the field at GP Copenhagen, and took third place at Grand Prix Kobe. […]

A lot can change in a week. I was all set for SCG Baltimore this weekend, and then two things happened. First, some family issues came up that would unfortunately prevent me from traveling to play Magic. Second, Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies spawned a new(ish) archetype that, well, changed everything. What was good […]

When Amonkhet spoiled, Vizier of Remedies sparked interest among Modern players as a possibleĀ redundancy boostĀ to Abzan Company, the grandchild of beloved Modern archetype pillarĀ Birthing Pod. It’s been nearly a month now since the set was released to Modern, and Vizier seems to have succeeded in improvingĀ Abzan Company… as well as in spawning some Company variants […]

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