With Kaladesh set to come out tomorrow, we are on the eve of a possible shake-up in the Modern landscape. Still, the decklists keep coming, this time in the form of multiple World Cup Magic Qualifier events worldwide! These events are always high-level, as players fight valiantly for the chance to represent their home country […]

If you’ve been paying much attention to the Modern metagame or spending a reasonable amount of time in the MTGO Leagues, you’ve almost certainly already run up against Modern’s newest boogeyman, Dredge. I recently pulled the trigger and bought into a Modern deck on MTGO (Infect, for those interested) and made the portentous decision to scrimp […]

Five hours. That’s how long it would take me and a band of Modern-loving francophones to reach Toronto in Milkman’s big van. It took much longer. After an airport shuttle from the hotel, a busride from the airport, and a yellow-line subway jaunt, I arrive at my buddy’s Chinatown apartment five hours late. He’d hit the town without me, so […]

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