Khans of Tarkir Spoiler Coverage

Well, the full spoiler is here, and while there may not be a ton of financial gems in the last wave of cards, there are some relevant cards, and a few uncommons that may be worth an uncommonly high amount of money. Let’s dive in. Timely Hordemate This is absolutely cube-playable. It’s a great effect […]

Trap Essence Yeesh. Clunky and narrow. The only way this card could be worse is if it didn’t say “up to one target creature” and you couldn’t play it if there were no creatures in play like with Suffocating Blast. Do we want a really hard to cast Essence Scatter with mild upside? This is […]

Let’s just jump in. Abzan Charm 3 good modes, and off-color draw to boot. This is hard-to-cast but relevant removal and a combat trick all rolled in there. This should see play. Will it be a $2 uncommon? Not with fetchlands in the set. Still, these may be laying around in draft chaff, and free […]

Clever Impersonator I’m not nearly as hyperbolic about this card as most people. Everyone seems convinced that a card with the word Ugin on it and Ghostfire Blade are proof positive that we’re getting Eldrazi. Ben Bleiweiss predicted Eldrazi in the next 2 sets so everyone has decided that since Ben is never wrong (except […]

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