Khans of Tarkir Spoilers 9/10/14

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Abzan Charm

3 good modes, and off-color draw to boot. This is hard-to-cast but relevant removal and a combat trick all rolled in there. This should see play. Will it be a $2 uncommon? Not with fetchlands in the set. Still, these may be laying around in draft chaff, and free is a good price since these will likely be on the buylists.

Quiet Contemplation

This will be the name of the Quiet Speculation knock-off site I start.

This seems good in limited, although playing stuff behind curve is never good. This, however, will win games in limited. I'm in.

This is likely not good enough to warrant an inclusion in Standard, although it's powerful.



This is awkward as well. How many non-creature spells do you want to run in a deck where you're happy with 1/1 goblins? I like this for limited, but not for constructed.

Surrak Dragonclaw

Gee, thanks for making the Khan of my favorite wedge a slight upgrade on Sivitri Scarzam. I'll be sure to build an EDH deck around this winner.

His abilities sometimes matter, but mostly he's just awkward. No one would play a 6 mana Gaddock Teeg. I play Spellbreaker Behemoth in Mayael, true, but that isn't general material. All in all I would say this is a decent card with 4 abilities that likely won't find a home.

Grim Haruspex

"Good, but narrow" reads the tombstone of many a bulk rare. It will go in fewer EDH decks than Deadeye Navigator, a $0.70 card.

Villainous Wealth

villainous wealth

Sweet sassy molassy. This card is GREAT! I really hope people cast this in Standard, because this is just bonkers. A good value for x would be 5, though, so casting this on 8 will take a while, but you have ramp. I wonder whether they ever tested this with Delve. Could you imagine? If this doesn't catch on initially, grab these at bulk and stuff them in a box. These will get there in a year or two.

Jeskai Ascendency

Jeskai Ascendancy

Jeskai is looking more and more like the "faeries" type deck wedge. This is not much of a surprise since it's and enchantment, but it lets you bluff lands as combat tricks and it lets you discard lands and draw combat tricks. All in all, it's the Ascendency with the most potential in my view and I'm glad to see it spoiled, even though the art looks like a shot from the dust jacket of a straight-to-DVD Kung Fu Panda sequel.

Bloodstained Brave (?)

Raid — 1B: Return ~ from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only if you attacked with a creature this turn.

Solid! Mardu is looking blisteringly fast and I love it. This guy is going to cause a lot of headaches and really speed the clock up. You're going to attack every turn in Mardu, so you should be freewheeling these guys. I think this card will really impact standard the way so many 2 power 1-drops do.

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    1. My Japanese is a little bit rusty, but the line of text before the raid ability does probably say something, and “cannot block” seems very likely. Nice catch.

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