Dragons of Tarkir Spoiler Coverage

Sarkhan’s Triumph This is bound to be worth $3-$5 in a few years if the set follows the typical trend of small third sets. This is narrow but it is also very powerful and I expect you to be able to grab these for free from draft chaff or trade for them a playset at […]

Hedonist’s Trove Enchantment When Hedonist’s Trove enteres the battlefield, exile all cards in target opponent’s graveyard. One per turn, you may cast a nonland card exiled by Hedonist’s Trove. You may play land cards exiled by Hedonist’s Trove. Likely too slow for Standard despite its utility as a Graveyard hoser, this is perfect for EDH. […]

Kolaghan’s Command This card is really polarizing people, which is very interesting. Some have called it the best of the cycle, some the worst. This certainly feels a lot like the others to me – a card with sideboard modes but enough maindeck modes that you can feel confident slotting this in the main. I […]

Sunbringer’s Touch “Win the game” If your hand has more than 3 cards, this is a cheaper, better Overrun for your smallest creature with the added benefit of making the power and toughness boost permanent. This also lets any creature previously boosted with counters a trampler, meaning if you’re megamorphing a lot you could just […]

Let’s get into it. Arashin Foremost WOW. This is seriously cool. This will remind everyone of Silverblade Paladin and that was a very good card. This is a little narrower and accordingly, its price will be limited. Silverblade was also a promo which limited its upside, but I still think this will be cheaper. Still, […]

Risen Executioner Creature – Zombie Warrior Risen Executioner can’t block Other zombie creatures you control get +1/+1 You may cast Risen Executioner from your graveyard if you pay an additional 1 for each other creature in your graveyard. Solid. Although this beater can’t block, it has a lot of things going for it. It’s a […]

Narset Transcendent I launched right into this. No preamble. No need. This card is bonkers. I saw a friend (hyperbolically) say this was better than Jace the Mind Sculptor. While that is silly, can I suggest that this is perhaps a better Tamiyo, the Moon Sage? Tamiyo was from a third set, it was a […]

We got dumped on overnight, so let’s get to it. Silumgar’s Assassin Silumgar’s Assassin 1B Creature – Human Assassin Creatures with power greater than Silumgar’s Assassin’s power can’t block it. Megamorph 2B (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for 3. Turn it face up at any time for its megamorph […]

Spoiler season is the best season of all. We got a bunch of goodies to unwrap over the weekend, so let’s get into trouble. Dragonlord Silumgar Are all of the two-color dragons from the last set returning as Elder Dragons? Just a few who are integral to the plot? It’s hard to know, but what […]

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