Dragons of Tarkir Spoilers – 3/4/15

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Narset Transcendent

narset transcendent

I launched right into this. No preamble. No need. This card is bonkers.

I saw a friend (hyperbolically) say this was better than Jace the Mind Sculptor. While that is silly, can I suggest that this is perhaps a better Tamiyo, the Moon Sage? Tamiyo was from a third set, it was a control planeswalker and it had a smilar brutal feel to it when you got that emblem. Maybe you want to compare it to Jace, Architect of Thought. Either way, I expect similar price trajectories. I don't think the white splash matters. Control cards are control cards.

This is sold out at $50 on Star City. Could this be a $50 card? I don't think so. But if you want these to play with, it may take a while for this to fall below that. Being in a third set will buoy the price somewhat. A lack of a second great planeswalker or obvious impetus to spend an extra $50 and just buy a whole box isn't in evidence. This price has a lot of factors pushing it up and not a lot of reason for it to fall quickly. I think the booster lottery is your best bet.

I know that a lot of you think reddit is for nerds, but this discussion is worth reading.

Foe-Razer Regent

This is a solid EDH card, maybe. You need other fight enablers to really benefit, but a 7 mana 5/7 is obviously nutty in Limited. Still, I don't know if this is even good enough for EDH unless you're all-in on fighting and using a lot of enablers. I am not a huge fan. I think this is a bulk rare like most of the dragons in the block. EDH can support the best 20-25 dragons of all time, and this is not on that list.

Dragonlord's Servant

dragonlords servant

If you see these lying on a table, pick them up and sock them away. This strikes me as a card that could be some silly $5-$10 as a foil even out of the gate. Get these. This is likely going to be worth more than a lot of the rares in the set.

Dragonlord Kolaghan

Flying, Haste

Other creatures you control have haste.

Whenever an opponent casts a creature or planeswalker spell with the same name as a card in their graveyard, that player loses 10 life.

Hey guys, we made a Dragon Legend that has an ability that's useless in EDH! Wasn't that good thinking?

This has potential but for casuals, mostly. This won't be a general and likely isn't good enough to crack the roster of a Dragons list, and having a dead ability in EDH relegates this to Standard and casual. I don't think this is that bad in Standard, but I don't think the format is slow enough for it. Casuals are likely to be overwhelmed with all of the dragons in the set. I think this card has a lot of downside. Not sure what they were thinking by making it useless in the best format for dragons, but not everything has to go in EDH decks, and this likely wouldn't even if it weren't precluded on its face. We'll see where this goes, but I bet it goes down.

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