Last month I brewed up R/W Kiki Control, effectively an anti-aggro deck with a combo finish. [wp_ad_camp_1]   Since then, I’ve made some changes to the list, which resulted in this: R/W Kiki Control V2 by Sean Ridgeley Sorceries2 PyroclasmEnchantments4 Ghostly Prison3 Blood MoonArtifacts1 BatterskullInstants3 Path to Exile4 Lightning Bolt4 Magma Jet4 Lightning HelixCreatures4 Wall […]

Back in March, Team Pantheon’s Reid Duke — a known Legacy Pox player — developed his personal take on Modern’s discard deck 8Rack. [wp_ad_camp_1]   You can see his list below. 8Rack by Reid Duke Planeswalkers4 Liliana of the VeilSpells4 The Rack4 Shrieking Affliction4 Dismember4 Inquisition of Kozilek4 Raven’s Crime4 Smallpox4 Thoughtseize4 Wrench Mind Lands16 […]

Last month I brewed up a Bant Slivers list; this month I put it through the initial trials in the Magic Online tournament practice room to see if it’s good enough for dailies and to see what changes need to be made. The list is the same as before except with an initial sideboard draft […]

With a mostly refined and complete list in tow, I finally felt confident enough to bring Elves to a daily yesterday. The matchups were R/G Tron, a strange U/B Merfolk list, Grixis Delver, and Affinity. See what happened in the video below. The list is a little different than last time, as I’m still missing […]

With Avatar of the Resolute now available on Magic Online, I took a renewed Stompy list to the daily queue this week to test the deck’s mettle. Below is what I ran. The sideboard is pretty much what I mentioned last time, except I’ve included extra Aspect of Hydra. As I mention in the video […]

Last week I went in-depth on Collected Company in Elves, and threw together a strong starting brew for what I believe could be the best way forward for the little green guys (and gals). Today I put that list through some preliminary testing in the MTGO tournament practice room to get a feel for the […]

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