Sean Ridgeley

Yesterday I took to the Modern Masters 2015 draft queues to try out the new format with a 6-2-2-2 / three round Swiss draft. I faced off against a Jund Wither deck, Affinity, and a strange but explosive Grixis Wildfire deck. [wp_ad_camp_1] See below for what happened. As I say in the videos, I’m very […]

Last week I brewed up a synergistic Vampires list based off Tom Ross’. Today I put it to the test in the tournament practice room on Magic Online. Here’s the list: [wp_ad_camp_1] Vampires by Sean Ridgeley Creatures4 Bloodghast4 Gatekeeper of Malakir4 Kalastria Highborn4 Vampire Nocturnus4 Viscera SeerSpells4 Sign in Blood3 Victim of Night3 Inquisition of […]

Last month I brewed up a Bant goodstuff deck featuring Ojutai’s Command and Dromoka’s Command. While decent in its own right, there’s the issue of lacking versatility in answers. In hindsight, if we’re going pure goodstuff, other colours just do this better because of their better answers, so we need some kind of unique angle. With […]

Last month I brewed up R/W Kiki Control, effectively an anti-aggro deck with a combo finish. [wp_ad_camp_1]   Since then, I’ve made some changes to the list, which resulted in this: R/W Kiki Control V2 by Sean Ridgeley Sorceries2 PyroclasmEnchantments4 Ghostly Prison3 Blood MoonArtifacts1 BatterskullInstants3 Path to Exile4 Lightning Bolt4 Magma Jet4 Lightning HelixCreatures4 Wall […]

If you haven’t been able to tell by now, I have a deep love for synergistic decks (few things get me going more than chaining together multiple copies of Collected Company), and with that comes a natural love for tribal decks. Today I’ll be straying away from the green tribal decks I’ve covered previously and […]

Elves is now a pretty strong deck when it’s just plain old monogreen, and offers certain advantages in staying so (namely less damage from lands, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Cavern of Souls, and Pendelhaven are more consistent, and we’re not really hurt by Blood Moon), but exploring a splash is always important to see if […]

Back in March, Team Pantheon’s Reid Duke — a known Legacy Pox player — developed his personal take on Modern’s discard deck 8Rack. [wp_ad_camp_1]   You can see his list below. 8Rack by Reid Duke Planeswalkers4 Liliana of the VeilSpells4 The Rack4 Shrieking Affliction4 Dismember4 Inquisition of Kozilek4 Raven’s Crime4 Smallpox4 Thoughtseize4 Wrench Mind Lands16 […]

Stompy, like Elves, is one of those archetypes that lends itself extremely well to variation. Sure, it’s (mostly) just a dumb aggro deck, but with it you can go 1-2cmc only, go all in on counters, go all in on speed, and try many other things. Today I’ll be exploring a few of the routes […]

Last month I brewed up a Bant Slivers list; this month I put it through the initial trials in the Magic Online tournament practice room to see if it’s good enough for dailies and to see what changes need to be made. The list is the same as before except with an initial sideboard draft […]

R/W Control is a rogue archetype in Modern that probably hasn’t been explored nearly as much as it should. The basic idea behind the deck is to include removal and wrath like Jeskai Control, but eschew counter magic for lock pieces and/or hate cards, which is highly enjoyable for people like me that love the […]

8Rack is a reasonably strong Modern discard deck that straight up wrecks certain metas, and provides one of the few, good means of playing “hard” control in this format. However, it costs about $700. So maybe you can’t afford it, maybe you’re unsure if it’s your thing or not and just want to test the […]

Dragons of Tarkir brought us Avatar of the Resolute to brew Stompy with, and Collected Company to brew Elves with, but there’s plenty more work to do. Today I’m going to put together a Bant goodstuff list built in part around Ojutai’s Command. If you love powerhouse creatures and versatile instants, this article is for […]

Dean Tolmachoff took 5th place at an SCG States tournament this week running Miracles, of all things. Miracles was a deck in Standard when the sometimes-busted Entreat the Angels and Terminus were format legal and netted then tournament newbie Alexander Hayne a 1st place win (beating down Jon Finkel in the finals, no less). The […]

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