Ongoing access to ION Core is included as one of the many benefits of a membership. If you’re a member already, skip to Step 2.

1) Register for a membership.

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2) Download and run the ION Core installer on your PC.

Then use the registration key on the download page to activate your ION Core software. ION Core has been tested with Windows versions 8 and higher.

3) Plug in your USB webcam, then launch the ION Core app.

Point the camera straight down at your light-colored table or playmat. The scanner works best when the background color is a light, solid, non-textured surface. At QS we use light gray playmats (since they are different colors than both black- and white-border cards).

4) Scan some cards!

Place a card under the camera, let it scan, remove the card, repeat.

5) Send your list to Trader Tools.

When you’re done scanning, you can save your list by sending it to Trader Tools (our online collection manager). Open up a web browser and make sure you’re logged into your QS account. In ION, use the hotkey CTR-S or use the menu File -> Export. ION will open a new browser window where you’ll complete the import and be able to work with your new list in Trader Tools.

6) Figure out what to do with all the time you just saved.

Maybe head over to our Insider-only Discord server and come talk about Magic cards with the rest of us :)

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