Magic: The Gathering media specialists wanted

Magic: The Gathering media specialists wanted are currently recruiting up to two Magic: The Gathering media specialists in an ongoing effort to maintain top-tier quality on the MTG internet.  We envision this person as  an ambitious blogger, vid/podcaster, or some other form of content media.  Your role will depend on your media type and subject matter, but we are most interested in finding someone with dedication.

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.

--Ernest Shackleton

Being a contributor at QS is way more fun than exploring the south pole, and less dangerous too.  This position is on a submission basis, and you will be expected to publish at  least weekly (no tents or snow dogs needed).


Minimum Specs 

  • Can write/speak  fluently in English about Magic: the Gathering
  • Has a specific media concept that they are actively publishing
  • Can tie own shoe laces.


Reccomended Specs

  • -Got an A in high school English class.
  • -Never misses a weekly deadline.
  • -Publishes content more than once a week.
  • -Is not a joker:
What's a joker? A joker is someone who says they're going to do something, and then doesn't. A joker always has excuses. "Oh well, I tried..."  I don't [care] that you tried. Did you do it or not?
   --Sebastien Marshall


I can do that!

Great, prove it.  To submit your work and concept, make sure we can see the content you're currently producing.  While we're not opposed to a passionate hobbyist who wants to try something new, but you'll need to make a strong case for it.

We can do that!

We are highly biased against team-based efforts unless that team has shown regularity and cohesiveness on an ongoing basis.  Corbin, Jason and Ryan of Brainstorm Brewery are a good example.  We're looking for the consistent bloggers, solo podcasters, video bloggers and we find that the fewer "moving parts", the more likely it is to publish on time.

Applications will open July 1st.

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