It's time to stop spending so much money on Magic cards.


Every week, you lose money on your collection. We all know how painful that is - maybe you make a bad trade or maybe you miss out on buying a card before the price jumps. Maybe you sell some cards to your local shop, only to later discover a better offer, or perhaps you weren't paying close enough attention to what cards were performing well at a major tournament.  There’s a lot to keep track of if you own Magic cards, and falling behind can be an expensive mistake.

How much are you losing each month? Enough to buy a Force of Will? Enough to draft four times?

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So many Magic sites want you to spend more money on Magic cards - Quiet Speculation is the only one that wants to help you spend lessWe help you buy cards you need before they go up in price . When you’re ready to sell,  our price guide software collects the top offers from reputable online buyers to make sure you never lose money by accepting a low-ball offer. Imagine never leaving money on the table again.

Its time to join a huge finance community and learn how to pay less for this awesome game. Thousands of players are paying less than you do for their Magic cards. This community is dedicated exclusively to helping you spend less money to play more Magic, and you can be a part of it for just three bucks a week. We guarantee that you’ll will save money; and if you don’t, we’ll will pay you  – we are that confident in what we can teach.

Its time to stop losing money on Magic (and maybe make some) for a change. It's time to give Quiet Speculation a try, risk-free.


When you sign up, you unlock access to our vibrant forum full of people who want to help out. If you are just getting started or a seasoned pro, you will find people just like you (and many who were once where you are now).

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You get four years of articles (3,000+) to teach you how to read the market and trade better.  Head over to our Unlocked Insider category to see the high quality and relevance of our articles.You will stop losing money after reading about current trends in Magic from the finance community's top writers.


Then there's our price guide, Trader Tools ( Trader Tools shows you the top buy prices on every card in Magic so you don't lose money when you sell to a store. Its time to reject low buy prices from your local store and demand the best for your cards.



Do you see that there's a $17 price difference on Miss Liliana, depending on who you sell to? Are you going to spend time checking six or more buylists or do you just want to let us do the hard work for you?

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