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Whether you want Magic to pay for itself, to make some money on the side, or even to work towards making Magic your full time job, Quiet Speculation is the community for you. Quiet Speculation is your own personal network of traders, speculators, Magic finance theorists and store owners. You'll learn how to make better trades, what cards to speculate on, and how to make the most money selling your cards. Here's what you get:

Insider Email Alerts, Insider Only Forums, Exclusive Articles, and Trader Tools all for less than $3 per week. That's one trade at FNM.

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Insider Email Alerts

Stay a step ahead of the curve with insider alerts. These email blasts let you know real time about cards that are about to jump up in price so you can cash in. We routinely have members on the floor at major events, and some of our biggest wins have come from them telling us what the dealers are all selling out of and what breakout strategies the top players are playing. When we feel confident about a card we email you directly letting you know what it is, why we believe it's about to jump in price, and how deep we're buying in ourselves.

Here's some examples of our wins:

02/10/2012 - “Brian Kibler is on the Channel-Fireball deck, as well as a number of other people. That deck is playing Huntmaster of the Fells, which was selling aggressively before the event began. Huntmaster is far from cheap, but if it’s a true 4-of in any of these top tier decks, $10 is dirt cheap.”
We had Huntmaster of the Fells on our radar before Round 1 started and our Insiders were able to pick up as many as they wanted for $10 before this staple blew past the $20 mark the day after the Pro Tour.

Huntmaster of the Fells

04/19/2012 at 8:14 PM – "[Misthollow Griffin] generates infinite mana with Food Chain…Food Chain is about $2-3 right now and I think it’s a fair card to speculate on for Legacy. I’d get a set or two. We saw what happened to Dream Halls when it took off, and Food Chain could easily climb to $8 or more in the next few days."
A card or combo doesn't have to be good to make you money - it just needs demand. This deck never took off, but Food Chain did indeed spike, reaching $8 on May 1st 2012. Our members locked in their profits before everyone realized the combo was no good.

Food Chain

May 11th 2012, 7:29 AM – “[Our sources] claimed that these were selling for $12 at the [Pro Tour Avacyn Restored] event site. The format doesn’t have great pinpoint creature kill and it’s got tons of creature-based mana acceleration, so a Silverheart that turns on a Borderland Ranger is a deal. It’s about $1.25 right now.”
Wolfir Silverheart’s retail price increased to almost $10 before the Pro Tour weekend was over. Several subscribers saw gains of over $500 on that tip – one went deep and bought 300 copies.

Wolfir Silverheart

Insider Only Forums

The insider forums are the heart of the Quiet Speculation community. All day every day we discuss the cards we think are undervalued and the cards we think it's time to sell. Popular threads include 'The FNM Pickups Thread' and 'What the Stores are Selling.'

Not sure how well you're doing in trades? Post your trades in our 'Rate My Trade' subforum and get feedback on who got the better end of the deal.

Want to know the best way to cash out or interested in starting your own store? We have many extensive threads where people selling Magic full time share their advice on eBay stores, the TCG Player marketplace, and e-commerce sites.

Tired of finance writers telling you about paper card trends that don't apply to MTGO? The magic online economy tends to be vastly different from paper cards, so we have a vibrant subforum dedicated to digital cards.

Exclusive Articles

We publish 5-8 insider articles every week covering major trends, finance theory, and what we think are the cards to target this week. The great part about these articles being exclusive is that you'll be one step ahead of your trade partners. In addition to current articles, you have access to 2+ years worth of archives. Many of our early articles laid the foundation for Magic finance theory and are as relevant today as they were when they were first published. Our start here guide lays out the best articles we've ever published on each topic and is an excellent resource for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Trader Tools

Get access to up-to-date pricing information - fast. The newest addition to the QS membership is our trader tools web app. It lists tcg player mid pricing (updated hourly!) as well as information on what a number of the higest paying dealers are buying that card for. The two main benefits is speed and spread. The cleaner and faster interface allows you to spot check prices much quicker than using clunky websites, especially in card shops where you get poor reception. Cashing out cards is much faster as well, because you can check multiple buylists all at once and see who is paying the most on your cards.

One of the most helpful features when trading the spread, showing you what the difference is between buy price and what dealers are buying it for. Cards with a high demand will have a lower spread, so you can trade lower demand cards for cards you know are moving quickly. Additionally, for people who sell to buylists, you can make completely even trades at retail prices that will give you a much bigger check from your buylist sale.

111% Guaranteed

We're so confident that we'll pay you if we can't help you make money. If, after reading our exclusive articles, participating in forum discussions, and using trader tools for at least 21 days you still feel you haven't gotten your money's worth, contact us before the end of your first month. We'll refund you your original purchase price, plus 11% interest.

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