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As you have heard over the last few months, Quiet Speculation has planned to become a "Freemium" site since we relaunched.  Freemium is a fancy way of saying that we'll have both free and paid content available to our readers.  We have redesigned the site, overhauled our back end, upgraded our servers, and tripled our editorial staff and content.

Our readers thrive on new content.  With new servers, new writers, and new editors, we have to pay the bills!  These are all necessary features of our site, and they allow us to produce the highest level of content possible.  This site has evolved from a blog into a professional daily magazine.  We want nothing but the best technology and the best content we can produce, and good talent costs money.  We think you'll agree.  Since our financial content often helps our readers make money, we have decided to limit financial content to Insiders.  Spike and Timmy content will remain free, though we may occasionally recruit guest authors for some Insider features.

So, what features will you get as an Insider?  Here's a useful little chart for your reference.

You'll be able to use our forums as a free member, but the best parts are reserved for our Insider supporters.  This includes the single card discussion forum for tips & tech, the reseller reviews forum, and the Ask the Author forum.

You'll notice that we keep our site mostly ad-free.  We'll display info about our products like eBooks and an occasional link to Kelly's online store, Dragons Den Online, but we do so tastefully.  We want to provide valuable services and products to our readers in exchange for their support.  We don't want to shove banner ads and affiliate links down your throat, so we promise we'll keep them small, tasteful, and unobtrusive.

If you would like to read only the free content, please feel free to do so!  We welcome all of our readers equally, but please do consider supporting us by purchasing a membership or a product that interests you.

We're going to start our subscription at a modest $5 monthly fee.  This will be a promotional rate for the first 30 days of launch; if you sign up within 30 days of launch, you'll lock in the $5 rate for as long as your subscription remains active.  Those who sign up after January 31st will pay the normal rate of $8.99 monthly thereafter.  Of course, if you sign up before then, you'll lock in at $5 when new signups go up to $8.99.   In addition to all the other benefits, you'll get a 5% discount on all singles you order from Dragons Den Online.  How's that for getting your money's worth?

For the first few members, we'll have a special bonus that'll reward you for being an early adopter and a loyal subscriber: free upgrades for life!  We're constantly deploying new products and services, so for the select few that sign up early, we'll reward them with complementary access to them all of them. What upgrades?

We have big plans for some tools, features and other goodies down the road, and will eventually be rolling out these features as optional upgrades, much like many online software sites do.  These will be optional, and you can choose to sign up for as few or as many as you'd like.  We'll have more details as they develop.

The signup process is effortless; you'll get access immediately, and payment is set up by using a recurring payment in PayPal.  That means we can't steal your credit card to buy ten thousand Grizzly Bears.  You'll get a short trial period, just in case you decide Insider's not for you.  After the free trial period expires, you'll get billed automatically so you don't experience an interruption in service.  If you don't want to keep your subscription active, you can cancel it at any time, and your subscription will be terminated at the end of your last-paid subscription period (one month from your last payment).  It's that easy.

$5 is less than the cost of most sleeves you'll buy for a tournament, less than the cost of a single Mythic Rare, and less than the cost of lunch.  Your cost per article will be approximately 25 cents.  If you do not make more than $5 by following the advice from our talented financial columnists, we will cancel your membership and immediately refund your money without a fuss.  Promise.

If you have any trouble, questions or you just want to say hi, shoot an email to and we'll get back to you promptly!  We pride ourselves on the best customer service in the game.   Thanks so much for being a reader, and if you'd like to get started reading all the juicy financial content, sign up now!

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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