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In the stock market, penny stocks are cheap, probably-junk securities that you get on the hope that they move up a few cents and show you a profit. They’re an alluring strategy in the stock market because you can get a big volume of them. For one share of Apple, you could score well over 5,000 shares of a junk medical-science company that may be on the verge of a huge patent. If your shares go up, they go UP. We look at penny stocks in Magic the same way; these are the gambits that you stock up on with hopes of big payoffs.

Wizards announced three more Modern Grands Prix this year, bringing the schedule to two American GPs, a Euro GP and a Canadian GP so close that I’d imagine plenty of players are hunting for their passports. Modern is a ripe field for speculation and it’s a great time to be stocking up on some hot cards for the format. This week, we’re going to take a look at what you should pick up, what you should hold off on, and what the Modern metagame will shape up to. You’re also going to get some Insider-only tech that could pay off in a big way.

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