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Last week, I detailed the method that Kelly and I have used to make hundreds while minimizing our risk. It’s a growing process and we’ve made several mistakes along with plenty of successes. This week, I’ll go over some of our previous purchases, along with some predictions for good cards to pick up.

Today’s article is both revolutionary and simple in its premise. It introduces you to a pricing model that sophisticated financial markets use, but the fundamentals are easily understandable. Kelly Reid and I have worked on getting better at what we’re calling The System when we make runs on stores, trade and speculate on the next upcoming cards, and today, we are going to start sharing it with you – our Insiders. We have already made hundreds of dollars on this, but we can’t make all the money there is to be made in this, since we don’t have infinite cash to throw at it. That’s why we’re sharing it.

Speculation and market investment in Magic is in its Golden Era right now. We have access to information at a speed that we never had before in Magic. If you’re spying for new tech, you don’t have to wait for a tournament report on the Dojo or read about it a month later in Inquest – you can hustle over to GGSlive and watch Kibler cast Huntmaster of the Fells in real-time. This article is about Magic speculation and price bubbles in what I am calling the “early modern” era.

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