Insider: Jace and Stoneforge Mystic BANNED!

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The following is an elaborated version of the email sent to Insiders this morning.  It was emailed to Insiders at 12:30 AM that night and posted on the site shortly thereafter.  We decided to make it a free article 24 hours later to give our free readers a peek into some of the perks of being on the Insider list.  Want in?

Did you feel that Banhammer coming down? Wizards did the bold thing by taking out the two problem children of Standard. As per the announcement today, both Jace, The Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic are banned in Standard. This has many implications.

Consecrated Sphinx gets way better in the absence of both. Trade for them at 6 or 8 at most. If there is a blue deck left, it wants these to replace the card drawing it left. After a year of being spoiled with Jace, the Sphinx is going to be a hard reality to face. It's good, it's strong, and it will be played.

Sword of War and Peace was a staple in PT Nagoya as a 4 of, and this should apply to Standard now as well. Tolstoy's novel, it's not, but it's a Mythic that people want a quad-set of. Red may gain more power, meaning that the protection is is relevant. Sword of Feast and Famine was not well played. Much of its strength came from getting that untap in a control shell, while slimming down space with Mystic. SoFF will be dropping. SoWP is the best for midrange aggro, in which it will see the most play

Valakut has already doubled in price and Primeval Titan may see a resurgence as well, but beware of a reprint.

Jace Beleren just got way better, but there is a chance of a new version of Jace in M12 so his reign may be short lived.

Baneslayer Angel may also see play again.

Gideon Jura is now one of the better Planeswalkers against aggro decks, but a reprinting will keep his value in check. He could see a short term boost.
Black/Red Vampires as a deck just got better too, but there is no consensus best pick there. Cards like Bloodghast and Kalastria Highborn are worth paying attention to.

Batterskull loses a ton of value on this since it is not so fun to hardcast.   Sword of Feast and Famine loses value too since not many decks will play these in large quantities.

Expect more updates and analysis soon!

Kelly Reid

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