Double Double Trouble Trouble | MNM 274

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Editor's Note: I am pleased to share that you'll be able to find Monday Night Magic, one of the longest-running (And best!) Magic podcasts, each week here at Quiet Speculation! Don't worry though: CommanderCast will be back after its break to bring you double the dose of excellent auditory appreciation. For now, please welcome Tom and the crew! - Adam

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This Week in Magic

Wow, we have a BUTT LOAD of Innistrad news, including the verification of what everyone thought was a schizophrenic rumor about the Double-Faced Cards and the other mechanics to be seen in the set.  A run down of the new "Phantom" events on Magic Online.   Modern Format is now on MTGO, release events 8/24 - 9/7.  A complete flame bait article on Gizmodo about some harpy women ragging on an OkCupid date with a Magic player, but make that Magic Jon "World Champion and Hall of Fame Member" Finkel.

Listener Emails

As promised, a bunch of awesome emails.  Including a listener seeing his boss pull a real life Don't Google This!  Link to the Starcrash trailer.  Link to Staying Power.  Link to Maro's article from 2006 going over Un-cards that had made it into mainstream sets.  Check out the Seraphim MTGO clan.

MTGCast News

Not much.  Except Tom got suspended from MTGSalvation for a questionable link a few weeks ago.

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