CROATIAN Live! | MNM 276

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This Week in Magic
The Internet ate another podcast, so Tom decides to say "what the hell" and throw a spontaneous live show!  Luckily Chris (@lansdellicious – and Jack help keep him out of trouble, and a few call-ins and live chats pop up!  Fun!  The audio quality is surprisingly decent, so we think we will be doing this quite a bit in the future. And Tom will even get a good phone headset to kick it up a notch. Onto the news!

We run down the announcement of Planeswalker PointsDuels of the Planeswalkers 2012 DLCInnistrad previews, and some of the crazy secondary market card prices of Leveler and Thought Lash with the preview of a new alternate win-condition, Laboratory Maniac.  Also, there's a bit about the changes to the SCG Players Club that have many upset.

Listener Emails
As promised, a bunch of awesome emails and of course our live callers and chat questions!

MTGCast News
Let Tom know what you think of a more live-based format for MNM and we will work on bringing the best audio quality we can!

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