1. This article is pretty well laid out. describing a pretty common-sensicle Higherarchy of DCI event. Obviously The higher the multiplier the better the event is for someone to attempt to Grind their PP. attending event X is a simple cost vs. reward analysis. if going to some event can reasonably progress your seasonal total as much or more than you place a monitary value on that timeenergy then attend the event.

    As for the precieved "over valuation" of FNM under this system. I would wager that a vast majority of WPN locations only really fire off their weekly FNM. And under this system you're going to increase attendance for 95% of the WPN locations (if only by 3 players), so it's a benifit to these valuable retail partners.

    The way I see it is FNM is no longer the "casual" WPN tournament (It's arguable that in some locations it hasn't been). it's a competitive event where people will be either Grinding their PP and testing last minute tweaks for their PTQOpen Series decks. I am telling our Non-Grinder players to expect more Teir-1 decks at this event. I'm also asking them what would they like to see in a purely casusal event. Because these 1x events shouldn't hold value to grinders this might be the perfect place to park the guys who don't want to have to deal with the latest metagame king every event they goto.

    • I'm pretty sure the over-valuation of FNM is being done precisely so that the 1x events have almost no value. If FNM weren't 3x, then there'd be a tremendous advantage to people with access to multiple events a week. By tripling the "universal" Magic event, it greatly devalues everything else. The real issue is that the events "higher" than FNM aren't high enough compared to FNM. This is particularly notable with SCG Opens, which are 400-600 player events in which each round is equivalent to a round at FNM… a datapoint which seems fairly absurd. However, the higher participation points offset this to some degree and SCG Opens still offer a decent chunk of points, more than most events lower than the PTQ level.

      This past year I skipped PTQs in favor of SCG Opens several times. That probably won't happen next year- PTQs are worth more points and actually qualify for the PT directly; and grinding Open Series points is an exercise in futility unless I end up in the high 40's or 50's off the two Invitationals I'm already Q'ed for.

      • Here's some more examples of why the 1x events are so bad.

        An 8-man swiss 1x event averages 5.5 Planeswalker Points per player, as follows:
        1 player gets 1 point.
        3 players get 4 points.
        3 players get 7 points.
        1 player gets 10 points.

        An 8-man single elim 1x event averages 3.625 Planeswalker Points per player, as follows:
        4 players get 1 point.
        2 players get 4 points.
        1 player gets 7 points.
        1 player gets 10 points.

        By comparison, going 2-2 at a 16 to 31 player FNM gets you 24 points.

  2. As an addendum: the full technical version of which seasons are used to qualify for which events can be found in the Premier Event Invitation Policy, which can be found on this page:

    The most important thing to point out here is that it's Season 1 (Jan-Apr) which qualifies for invite-only National Championships based on ranking. We don't yet know how many ranking invites there will be for Nationals, though.

  3. The annoying thing for me is that all of the FNMs around here are Standard, and I really only care about playing Limited competitively. Only getting a x1 multiplier for my weekly drafts eliminates any possibility of me keeping my one or two (ratings) byes at GPs, so maybe attending there isn't worth it? There's also only one season with Limited PTQs, and points reset every four months… so I'm feeling pretty marginalized, overall.

    • That's definitely an issue. On top of that, a 3-round draft has fewer points available to it than a Constructed FNM with 4 or 5 rounds; so limited players do pretty much bite the bullet. However, there's an argument to be made that the Pro Tour and Nationals are mixed formats. It's pretty clear that you don't "belong" at the pro level if you only play Limited, except for when Limited is the PTQ format. So you have one season each year where the PTQs are Limited and you can get 5x multipliers playing sealed; and you have SCG Draft Opens (if you're in the US) that are 3x Draft events year-round.

      If you insist on remaining a limited-only player, you're never going to be able to get on the train unless you're willing to convert to an all-around player the minute you win one of the sealed PTQs. If you're going to refuse to do that, just don't bother with the ratings at all. It's clearly a system for dedicated grinders only, and if you're not willing to commit to it in a given season, there's nothing to be gained by going halfway and skipping your local drafts in favor of FNM.

  4. What are your thoughts on dropping from high multiplier events to play in lesser multiplier events? For example, someone sneaks into day 2 of a GP/Nats, but for whatever reason, doesn't believe day 2 will go well. Hopping into the PTQ the next day, while giving less points-per-win, will give a secondary participation multiplier.

    • I don't think that they are going to be having the day two PTQ's. That may just be a rumor because I can't remember where I saw that information. I think though that staying for day 2 of a GP is more likely to net you the most money and points.

      @JoshJMTG Thanks for a great article. Well thought out, well formatted, and easy to read. I really appreciate a numbers crunch break down of the new system.

    • Entering a day 2 PTQ will net you 30 points (assuming that it's a 256+ event) and each win will score 15 points. Getting 3 wins in the GP day 2 would get you 72 points.

      On top of that, being in the GP is going to get you Professional points, and payout goes down a lot farther than the PTQ payout does. Even if you're out of top 8 contention you can still win $100 (note that GP payouts are changing next year, sliding based on attendance, and the details haven't been fully revealed AFAIK).

      Unless you're giving up on points because you already knew you needed to top 8 the GP for the bonus points, I can't see why dropping from an 8x for a 5x with a garbage payout (a 300-man winner-take-all event is not something I want to involve myself in) would be a good idea.

      Again, this gets back to the general GP vs PTQ debate, and we don't have enough data to solve that one under the new system, and won't until the end of season 1 next year.

      (As Mike says below, rumor says the day 2 PTQs are going away, but I don't think that's confirmed yet.)

  5. Josh, one this I got out of Reedy's comment is that the multiplier is dependent on what the host organizer/shop puts into their DCI sanctioning paperwork. It may be that some could be run at 1x (if the organizer does it that way) and maybe some like the big dual slot IQ could be run at 3x if the organizer does that. I'm not sure what the process is for an organizer getting approval to run events at different K values or multipliers but I think that it is up to them and not SCG to make it happen.

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