Snap into Snapcaster Mage! | MNM 277

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This Week in Magic

It's "live" again!  Tom just can't get enough, and now enjoy actually tolerable audio quality. The plan is for live recordings on Mondays at 6pm CST on Talkshoe (listen live here)!

It's the week coming up to the Innistrad Prereleases, so we have the entire card list. Tom shares some picks, and Tom from the classic MTGRadio show helps out with some Commander picks as well. We also run down the updated Banned and Restricted list, with the most excitement coming from the Modern changes. The Innistrad Gateway promos were revealed to be Bloodcrazed Neonate and Curse of the Bloody Tome. Review the drafting rules changes with double-faced cards, and try out some triple Innistrad drafts on States 2011 is announced, which you can read about it hereGP San Diego is now Innistrad Limited, and sounds quite awesome. Mark Rosewater makes Tom sad and kills off the Tribal supertype. And WoTC registers a Cube related trademark.

B-movie pick of the week is Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010).

Listener Emails

As promised, live callers and chat questions! Thank you to Trymantha for a donation and the tip on donating some money to the Desert Bus for Hope event raising money for the Child's Play charity. We also have a donation from a listener and recommendation to check

MTGCast News

Let Tom know what you think of a more live-based format for MNM and we will work on bringing the best audio quality we can. We also have a new look to the MTGCast site to hopefully have it play nice with Chrome.

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