QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #2 [MTGO]

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Forrest Ryan and Kyle Stoll continue to draft Innistrad on video, bringing us along with tasteful banter and heartwarming commentary, offering insight into the picks and plays of today.
Note: Audio quality has been addressed and future videos will begin featuring professional level audio clarity. Stay tuned!

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QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #2

Forrest Ryan

Forrest Ryan once lent Alex Bertoncini a hat.

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5 thoughts on “QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #2 [MTGO]

  1. TL;DW

    Draftcaps evoke discussion. This makes me want to eat a fetus.

    *Let the record show that I did not actually watch the videos and I did not actually harm a fetus (ya know, legal shit).

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