Insider: DKA Spoilers – Round 1

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Spoiler Season is any speculators favorite part of each set; I know it is for me. Wizards has done a great job of keeping things under wraps this time around, and each night I’ve been excited to see what they come up with. Because some of the mechanics in Innistrad are somewhat linear, we can look for enough support for some existing cards to shoot up as well.

All of the official spoilers, so far, can be found here

First, we will look at some of the cards I feel have some merit in constructed.

Increasing Devotion- This card has an interesting tension. Most decks that want a token producing sorcery are going to find 5 mana to be a lot. I do think a tokens deck will exist, and it’s likely this card will make the cut, but won’t likely be a 4-of, and likely too expensive to see play in Modern. I think it will sit above bulk value, but not much higher, there’s certainly a chance it hits $2 if more than one deck in standard ends up playing it.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben- This is another Sphere for Vintage, and a great support card for any white creature deck in Standard. Her Legendary status will keep her off the high-ticket list, but rest assured, she’ll see some play. She pre-orders on at $3.99 and I see that as pretty sharp. It will likely end up around $2-3 as the format develops.

Increasing Confusion- While a personal fan of milling cards, this one is strong but nothing to write home about. The casual crowd will always have some demand for something like this, and there’s no doubt people will at least try it in Standard, I just don’t think a Sorcery that doesn’t affect the board will ever be worth tapping out for. Just above bulk levels, for casuals.

Gravecrawler- I’m a huge fan of this guy. He sits at $5 on, and I think that price is fair. They opened at $3, and I liked it at a buy there, but at $5 I dont think you’re risking much by waiting at this point. There’s all types of casual combos that this guy will play with, and he’ll likely find a home in an aggro deck as well. I see him at $4-6 throughout his Standard life.

Zombie Apocalypse- Don’t get me wrong, this card wont see play, but I think foils of this card will be fan favorites, and might fetch some good money. Keep your eye out for ones to snag. Outside of that likely a bulk rare.

Ghoultree- This is one I’ve been hearing some mutterings about as a very strong Standard card. I just don’t see it. You’d have to be reliably casting this guy for 3-4 mana for it to be a good value. Since he has no evasion, he’s really not any better than a Titan or Wurmcoil, so if you have to pay 5-6 mana for him, I’d rather have a better creature. The types of deck that could potentially play him for a single G will love him, but its going to be such a small part of the Metagame that Ghoultree should stay pretty cheap. $1-2.

Wolfbitten Captive (Krallenhorde Killer)- This is the one-drop that the Werewolves needed. If Werewolf aggro is going to exist, its going to hold a lot of Rares, and since most of those Rares will see minimal to no play in other decks, I expect most of them to stay pretty low, but if there are any that branch into other decks as well, they may fetch a pretty penny. On he’s $2, and that seems fair to me. Ultimately, I see him being in the $1-2 range as long as a Werewolf deck exists. He does have a decent enough ability to be considered in other decks, and Green doesn’t have many aggressive 1 drops.

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad - Holy Moly, I’m in love with this guy. I’d never plan on paying $60 for it, but $30-35? Sure. That’s where he’ll end up, at most. $20 at least. B/W is an awkward mana combination, and unless there’s some fixing left to be seen, Isolated Chapel is not enough to make this guy easy to cast. I’d like to think a W/B tokens deck will exist, but that’s not enough decks (1) to warrant a $60 card. Remember, while this has a lot of the same features as Jace, the Mindsculptor (costs 4, awesome abilities, small set release) it is no Jace. Jace was mono-colored and appeared in 80-90% of the decks at the time. Sorin simply can’t do that. His mana requirements mean a deck will need to be built around him (akin to Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas). Being more powerful and less narrow than Tezzeret, will keep him above that basement level, but $30 is about what I’d be willing to pay for these, if I needed them for Standard.

Falkenrath Aristocrat- This hasty flier will see play, and the $10 pre-order price, again, is not far off from what I expect to see. Her multi-color is hurting her, and the fact that her cost is identical to Olivia’s isn’t great either. I imagine the Aristocrat as the aggro deck’s Olivia. $10 is way too high based only on playability, but there will be a certain amount of casual demand for this card, while a R/B aggro deck will certainly play it, I think $6-8 is the appropriate range.

The Dark Ascension cards aren’t the only ones we need to look at. What existing cards are going to see a bump? I’ve got a few on my list.

Mayor of Avabruck // Howlpack Alpha- I’d like to see this guy hit $5+ now. He’s got enough support (and another lord) to support a Werewolf Aggro deck, while his efficient cost, and human pumping abilities give him tons of applications in other decks too. I swooped up a handful of these.

Visions of Beyond- Between Burning Vengeance style decks (with the appearance of Faithful Looting and Secrets of the Dead) and any Increasing Confusion decks, I think Visions has some room to grow. As someone who has played it in a few rogue decks, drawing 3 with this card is insane, and if a Tier 1 deck has the ability to do it, this card could easily hit $5.

As more spoilers appear, follow me on Twitter (@torerotutor), I always give my first impression there, while I give my detailed price predictions here. Next week, more spoilers! See you guys then!

Chad Havas

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