Return to Ravnica Draft #1

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Editor David Conrad and Zach Mcnair draft Return to Ravnica together and try to take down an 8-4

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David Conrad has been playing magic since the "Modern"era began in Mirrodin. Graduating from Indiana University Bloomington with a bachelor's of Journalism, he plays regularly and devours as much Magic media as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Return to Ravnica Draft #1

  1. Man that was annoying… all that screaming like little girls, it’s people like you who, when playing in a gameroom, keep normal people away. You think you’re enjoying yourself but in the proces you disgust everybody else. I know people who quit going to their local stores because of misbehavors like you. It’s a shame !
    Besides from that, not playing a perfectly fine 2-drop for yet another 5-drop was very questionable.

  2. knx – I agree in a room this would be annoying but, when recording audio for a webcast I want these guys talking and shouting. It conveys emotion and helps keep it entertaining.

    Love that there are two of you guys to keep the conversation interesting.

    Not sure how much I can learn from that ridiculous draft. I hope to run into 8 removal spells at my next draft!

  3. I must admit big part of my annoyance came from a bad audio stream I had, so I had to put the volume real high so with every scream I got sting of pain in my ears…

  4. KNX, thanks for the comments. The screaming was something I noticed myself when I went back and rewatched this. It was my first time doing any kind of recording/broadcast, so I have a lot to learn still.Also, future videos will hopefully be done with higher quality microphones so the low audio won’t be as much of a problem. Will keep the screaming in mind with the more that I and Zach do. Can’t promise there won’t be any as we can get very excited (especially over a draft like this!) but there will certainly be a conscious effort for it to not be so frequent and so loud comparatively.

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