Insider: Five Speculation Targets for Under $5

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Today I'd like to create a sample $100 portfolio for sub $1 MtG targets. Looking to capture at least a 25% return on each play and spend $20 of each of five targets. Trying to fill some of these positions at $1 or less will be harder than getting others filled, and those positions are probably best filled through trading. I would also like to ask readers for their sub one dollar picks and encourage you to create your own $100 portfolio.

Everyone Needs Lands

My first target is Kessig Wolf Run. Buy listing at $.80 and with TCG mid at $1.55, Kessig will be harder to acquire than the rest of my picks. That said, smaller quantities are offered on TCG for under $1, giving me something to point to for trades and plenty of incentive to watch Ebay offerings going at a discount. Kessig already sees lots of play ahead of Gruul's Gatecrash debut. Acquire at $1 or less and sell the first playset at $1.25.

Angels and Humans

Angel of Glory's Rise is likely to get better when Boros guild arrives in Gatecrash. TCG mid lists just under $1.50 but copies can be had on Ebay and Amazon for less than $1. Another good trade target, I'll be  buying only when the card can be picked up for less than seventy-five cents. This card has some problematic interactions in a Standard environment with cheap and effective graveyard hate. That said, it is a great counter to aggressive Zombie decks, has a big enough butt to block Thragtusk and offers a way to play around Supreme Verdict.

Nothing's Free

Next target is a card that finds a home in combo and affinity. Although no longer available for standard play, Memnite can still be found in enough binders to make it a great trade target. TCG mid has Memnite at $1, but I only acquire at seventy-five cents or less. Acting as a middleman with Memnite can be done by playing into Modern's rise of popularity. Affinity and any deck looking to turn on metalcraft will want to add four copies of this zero cost drop. Depending on your ability to broker this exchange you can have a very liquid and profitable portion of to the $100 portfolio, allowing you to use profits to build up positions on the cheap. Average down your cost basis by subtracting cash generated. I have flipped this card to players looking forward to Modern season.

Flash Dance

Alchemist's Refuge looks like a decent long term spec to me. It enables combo by bending spell casting rules, has the benefit of being real estate and in the short term could easily find lines of play thanks to a new pool of on color Simic guild cards. TCG mid has Refuge priced at fifty-five cents. Buying playsets for $1-1.25 seems safe, especially with StrikeZone buylisting at $0.28. Selling half of the position as prices reach $0.60 would allow a speculator to hold the rest, having recouped initial investment costs, at no further price risk.

Taking a Trip to the Frownyard

Another similar play makes up the last of my five picks: Nephalia Drownyard. A fifty cent card as far as TCG mid is concerned, snatching up copies at twenty-five cents should offer little downside risk and give potential holders another interesting slice of real estate heading into Gatecrash. Mill remains a popular casual choice and Dimir is sure to give a boost to the strategy. Here, starting to flip at fifty cents makes sense. With both Alchemist's Refuge and Nephalia Drownyard unlikely to be 4 ofs in any deck, get to break even aggressively with these speculations and make sure your cost basis is low enough.

Very interested in what cards you'll put into your $100 spec portfolio. I seriously considered Increasing Devotion over Angel of Glory's Rise and any thoughts about that card are welcome.

3 thoughts on “Insider: Five Speculation Targets for Under $5

  1. I’m unsure about Memnite, some Affinity lists have cut it down to a 2 of, though it is still fairly unique so perhaps that doesn’t effect it as much as it otherwise would.

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