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Sometimes Magic speculation is easy. Spellskite, Phantasmal Image and Phyrexian Metamorph post rotation were good examples, and today we have Angel of Serenity. With near mint copies available for less than $7 and Ebay completed auctions showing clear signs of price uncertainty, now is as good a time as any to grab copies of this beauty on the cheap.

Standard Calls

I have traded in and out of this angel two times before. I've preordered copies for about $7.50 each and purchased one soon after release for $13. Flipping Angel of Serenity for $20 is a thing of the past, but there is still at least ten dollars of value here and the downside can't be much more than 2 dollars.

Supreme Verdict is selling for $4. A 4cc uncounterable Wrath effect that pitches to Force of Will has to be worth at least $5, no? If Standard moves away from U control, don't let the chance to pick up this bomb get away. Another card with very little downside that will see play across many formats? Yes please.

With NM copies of Detention Sphere for less than $2.50, I won't be looking to move copies anytime soon. Not unlike Supreme Verdict, with U/W out of favor in Standard prices for Oblivion Ring's cousin are getting cheap. Buying copies under $2 is hard, but I'll be happy picking up copies from players willing to let go of their copies at current prices.

A Casual Card

Thespian's Stage is at least as playable as Chromatic Lantern and yet can be had for 1/3 the cost. While these cards on the surface do different things, EDH remains the most likely place each find substantial play. With foil copies of Thespian's Stage already pushing $10, there is a good chance to get ahead in trades by scooping up foil copies from the less savy. Of course, you risk Karmic default, but foil markets are highly volatile and illiquid. That means plenty of room for profit and greater risk, certainly a situation that calls for aggressive trading habits.

More Modern

While Modern is mostly overbought, a gem like Inkmoth Nexus represents reasonable value due to its playability. With NM copies steadily creeping up to $5, these are best acquired through trades. Thankfully, after being included in an event deck many Standard players picked up copies and now have them languishing in binders. With Wizards unlikely to reprint Inkmoth Nexus thanks to keyword INFECT, over time I'd expect Inkmoth to command Blinkmoth Nexus prices. Ebay, normally representing a discount to other internet pricing, shows Inkmoth selling equal to or slightly above the average low elsewhere; a trend worth watching.

Something a Little Wilder

Wanna walk out on a limb with me? Take a look at Firemane Avenger. Future Gameday promo not withstanding, I like Helix on a stick even if it is a creature and in search of battalion. With NM copies going for $1.40, and Ebay having multiple completed listings for copies at higher prices, the Avenger is showing some signs of life. I am not too sure I want to put more than $10 into a play like this, but trading into copies on the cheap is a great way to build up a position of >12 copies.

Angel of Serenity and Supreme Verdict along with my favorite RtR Shocklands (Hallowed Fountain and Steam Vents) present very safe speculation targets at current prices that have long term value thanks to being playable in multiple formats. Even if U/W remains somewhat out of favor, I don't see much downside for any of these cards, making them a great sink for your Modern profits.

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