1. Reminds me a bit of wwk prerelease drafts on mtgo. Load up on Halimar Excavator, and shoot the J!

    Hopefully you keep seated in a pod that hasn’t read this 😉

  2. so I drafted this last night in a phantom single elimination. got at least one ofs of everything. 4 dampen thoughts, 3 peers, 3 reaches. a little weak on removal, but I had 3 bounces and 2 torrents. Its is a U/G splash R, tiny splash B for the one mind funeral. Black dried up quick around me. I figure the splashes wont be an issue. I have two G vivids and two reaches with a search in the side.

    first round, first game is against wb rebels. We were racing with my dampens online.
    Key turn he uses otherworldly on one of the two avian changelings I’m targeting with echoing truth, so I lose that one. I feel good going into game two. I consider siding in Jugan, but decide I need to stay on target. Bad choice cause his sides his entire sideboard into his deck. Needless to say, I lost.

    Mr. Overturf, any suggestions on drafting this deck knowing that people are now using that strategy against it?

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